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Changes in alpine and arctic flora under climate change

Share, learn and discuss recent research findings and their practical implications at two conferences in a charming art-nouveau hotel in the breath-taking alpine landscape of the south-eastern Swiss Alps (Bergün).

Ranunculus glacialis - Piz Kesch

1st conference: International Tundra Experiment ITEX

2nd conference: Faster, Higher, More?

More than 20 years of tundra vegetation change research
Past, Present and Future Dynamics of Alpine and Arctic Flora under Climate Change
17th - 21st September 2013

Approximately 70 researchers have attended the ITEX conference 2013 at Bergün. Besides numberous ITEX members the conference attracted also scientists working in related research fields. Conference topics ranged from observations of variability to experimental manipulations.

22nd - 25th September 2013

Approximately 90 researchers have attended the 'Faster, Higher, More' conference 2013 at Bergün and discussed patterns, processes and projections of climate change impacts on alpine and arctic vegetation.