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Diploma/Master Theses

Completed Theses

Thomas Häfelfinger (2013)

Growth response to climate of beech trees (Fagus sylvatica) in Grisons

Galina Timofeeva (2013)
Do oxygen isotopes in tree rings from coastal Alaska record atmospheric circulations patterns?

Angela Grieder (2013)

Climate sensitivity of stable isotopes in wood and cellulose of larch and spruce in the Lötschental

Felix Fischer (2013)

Dendrochronological dating of Golden Eagle aeries in the Engadin

Christoph Nehrbass-Ahles (2012)

Testing the influence of sampling design in dendrochronological studies

Lena Hellmann (2012)

Anatomical classification of Arctic driftwood

Hellmann L. et al.  Journal of Geophysical Research (pdf)

Stefan Klesse (2012)
Response of Pinus nigra to long term moisture variability on Mt. Olympus, Greece

Malin Ziehmer (2012)
Towards a 500-year summer temperature reconstruction from Pinus heldreichii on Mt. Olympus

Steffen Walz (2011)

Extra-tropical biomass response to the unknown 1258 AD eruption

Lara Läubli (2010)

Linking Alpine glacier dynamics to tree growth

Andrea Seim (2009/2010)
Potential and limitations of Pinus heldreichii Christ for long-term climate reconstruction in Albania

Seim A, et al. TRACE (pdf); Climate Research (pdf)

Erin Gleeson (2009)
Toward a hydroclimatic reconstruction for the Río Santa Cruz, Patagonia, Argentina

Sonja Boda (2009)

Intra-seasonal pathway of oxygen isotopes from precipitation and soil to the tree ring

Gessler A. et al. New Phytologist (pdf)

Stephan Bechet (2009)

Dendroökologiische Untersuchungen zur optimalen Wachstumszone von Lärchen und Fichten im Lötschental (Wallis/ Schweiz)

Flurin Babst (2009)

Remote sensing and tree-ring based assessment of Autumnal Moth (Epirrita autumnata) defoliation in Fennoscandian Mountain Birch forests.

Babst F, et al. TRACE (pdf); Remote Sensing of Environment (pdf)

Thomas Neuenschwander (2008)

Climate sensitivity of a millennial-long Larix decidua tree-ring chronology in the French Maritime Alps.

Büntgen U, et al. Climatic Change (pdf)

Lea Moser (2008)

Intra-annual tree growth along an altitudinal gradient in the Lötschental, Switzerland (pdf)

Moser L, et al. Tree Physiology (pdf)

Pascale Affolter (2007)

Aufbau eines Tieflagen-Jahrringnetzwerkes im Rhonetal, Wallis, und seine klimatische Analyse (pdf)

Affolter PN, et al. European Journal of Forest Research (pdf)