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Expertise and advice

WSL provides an interface between research and practice, including subject-specific knowledge and expertise in the form of reports, advice, regulations as well as educational training. Our clients range from public institutions, such as civil engineering offices or political institutions, to private organisations, such as engineering offices or mountain railway companies. Additionally, SLF’s expertise is often requested in judicial courts to provide information about avalanche accidents.

Forest Protection
Forest Protection

There are many possible causes for symptoms of diseases found in forests or on individual trees. Is it weather conditions, forest animals, insects or fungi? You can get the answers to such questions from Swiss Forest Protection (PBMD) the competence center for forest protection in Switzerland.

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Avalanche protection - designing optimal preventive measures
Avalanche protection

Based on assessing the risk for people and infrastructure, avalanche protection measures are designed and advice for the most-economic way of prevention is provided worldwide to governmental agencies, engineering and mining companies, and ski resorts (e.g. venue of Sochi 2014).