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Swissfungi: Distribution maps of Swiss fungi

Rosaroter Saftling
Photo: Daniel Schlegel

Hygrocybe calyptriformis is listed as CR (critically endangered) on the latest edition of the Red List of threatened macrofungi of Switzerland

Swissfungi is part of the national data centre for biodiversity initiated by the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN).

The main objective of swissfungi is the presentation of updated maps of distribution for each species of fungi in Switzerland. These distribution maps serve as a base for the elaboration of the Red List of threatened species and inform authorities about presence of protection demanding species in each region.

The maps of distribution are the base for further mycoecological and biogeographical research.

Since 1992 we store records or fungi with a focus on macrofungi in the database “Fungus” in order to deepen the ecological knowledge about the national species diversity.

Die 12 geschützten Arten (Poster) 12 species of macrofungi are protected by a decree of a federal law about nature and homeland conservation (Poster, 940 KB).

Additional national inventories