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  • BatScope can analyze recordings of Batloggers and assign them to bat species.
  • The species assignment can only be as good as the references available to the WSL. Signals, that do not occur in these files, including noises, will be assigned to the species most similar to these. Thus erroneous species assignments will occur. We are working at WSL to increase the reference set to improve BatScope.
  • After an automatic analysis and classification, a critical review of the results will always be necessary. For that task, you have to be knowledgeable of the diversity of echolocation in bats and be experienced in the analysis of acoustic signals. Only then will it be possible to critically judge the species assignments of BatScope.
  • By clicking the download link below, you confirm that you have read this warning and that you will be careful in the use of BatScope and the interpretation of its results.


(the software is only available in English)

BatScope 3.2.0