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Release notes

GIS-SUITE - WSL Monoplotting Tool

01.12.2014 - Version 1.5.1


Shapefile import/export
Implemented a first version of import/export of shapefile (points and polygons): for now the shapefile structure is not considered: the only preserved field is the FID, also stored in the name of the object. This allow to recognize corresponding objects when reexporting the data in a shapefile.

Viewshed parameters
A button has been introduced in the camera window, to export the camera parameters neede to compute the viewshed in ArcGIS. Export can be done in ESRI shapefile or CSV format.

When the camera has a rotation AZIMUTH1/AZIMUTH2 and VERT1/VERT2 have a minimal, middle and maximal value; the returned values correspond to the projection of the smallest, middle or largest sector covered by the image.

12.11.2014 - Version 1.5


Shapefile conversion
Two new features has been implemented to convert ESRI shapefiles from pixel to world coordinates and viceversa. To access this new functions look at the menu Tools->Shapefile or the to buttons on the left side of the program window.

05.11.2014 - Version 1.5


Version for 32/64 bit OS
The setup file contains both versions, for 32 and for 64 bit operating systems. The corresponding version will be installed automatically.