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Terms of use

The WSL Monoplotting Tool is shareware. It may be used and redistributed freely for non-profit purposes, as long as no modifications are done to the original distribution package. The author retains the copyright of the software.

The current version ist an advanced prototype, but still a prototype, so you have to expect possibly runtime errors and/or crashes.  To prevent loss we suggest you save your data often. 

If you choose to use the program, please provide us with

  • your name and e-mail address
  • the name of your organisation, if applicable
  • a short description of the project are using the program for

Please send this, as well as any questions, remarks and comments to the address below. In return we will keep you informed on updates and any news on the subject.

If you write scientific articles including results obtained using the WSL Monoplotting tool, you must include a proper citation. Because the status of our own publication will change with time, the proper citation must be checked when your article is submitted or resubmitted after revision.

For more informations see the user guide, check the monoplotter blog or write to the authors.