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Pixstat FAQ

What are the prerequisites to install Pixstat?
Pixstat runs on Windows Vista, 7 or 8. It should still work with Windows XP SP2/3 or Windows 2003 SP1, but these systems are no longer officially supported. It is necessary to have administrator rights to install Pixstat, but then you can run it as a normal user.

I have problems to separate the objets from their shadows!
If possible, use a scanner with a "through" illumination, i.e. with the lamp under the objects but the sensor above them, in the lid of the scanner. This is like scanning a diapositive rather than a photograph. If no such scanner is available and shadows cannot be avoided, then try to optimise the weights of the colour channels.

Whatever resolution I chose for my pictures, the results indicate always 96 dpi (38 dots per cm). Why?
You probably checked the option "use resolution from picture file or scanner" and this forces the software to use that resolution... which is not always correct. To really use the resolution set in Pixstat, uncheck the option.

How can I optimise the weights of the colour channels?
This is essentially a "try-and-error" process. In a next version, we hope to be able to provide some optimisation routine to facilitate this process.