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Forest Report 2015 - Condition and Use of Swiss Forests

Rigling, A.; Schaffer, H.P. (eds) 2015:
Forest Report 2015. Condition and Use of Swiss Forests.

Bern, Federal Office for the Environment. Birmensdorf, Swiss Federal Institute WSL. 144 p.

The Forest Report 2015 provides information about the condition of the Swiss for- ests. It is based on the internationally recognised and standardised indicators of Forest Europe and is an international reference for sustainable forest management. The data basis is derived from comprehensive monitoring of the forest, which has been established during recent decades, and which enables the condition of the forest to be analysed in more depth. The Report takes a look back at the development since the publication of the last Forest Report in 2005, and can thus answer questions about complex forest ecosystems and how to manage them. The Report allows insights into the Swiss forest in all its facets, and serves as a reference book for both experts and laypeople.