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The Excursion will lead to the primeval beech forest of Uholka-Shyrokyi Luh, the largest primeval forest of European beech (Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, Transcarpathian Oblast). It is a long drive from L’viv to the excursion area. We will travel in four busses and we will spend two nights (June 6 an 7) in hotels in Chust or Shaian, a recreation village close to Chust (participants will spend both nights in the same hotel). The hotels are of good standard and all rooms have shower/toilet. However, single rooms are limited so that many participants will have to share two-bed rooms.

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Thursday, June 6: Drive from L’viv across the Carpathian mountains to Chust. Stops and side excursions on the way. Dinner will be served at your hotel in Chust/Shaian. (Workshop participants will drive directly to Chust without side excursions).

Please note that some roads in Ukraine are in bad condition. Participants suffering from travel sickness are advised to take some prophylaxis.

Friday, June 7: Drive from Chust to Mala Uholka. Walking tour through the primeval beech forest. It is planned to offer four tours of different length (minimum walking time 2-3 hours, maximum 6-7 hours; we will try to give you more information as soon as possible). The longest tour will be for very fit people only. All tours will start and end at the same point (Mala Uholka field office).

The routes are partly steep and rough. Good hiking boots are required. Although we hope for a sunny day, please be prepared for bad weather (rain jacket, sweater, umbrella). Participants will have to carry their lunch with them.

Dinner will be in Mala Uholka, and afterwards, we will drive to Chust/Shaian for the night.

Saturday, June 8: Drive from Chust/Shaian back to L’viv. Arrival in L’viv at approx. 18:00. If necessary, one bus could be back in Lviv at about 16:00, traffic allowing. If you need to be back in L’viv at 16:00, please send a mail to before May 22. Please note that in any case we cannot guarantee to catch afternoon flights leaving from L’viv on June 8. End of Excursion.