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Further information


General Information

Transfer from L’viv airport to the hotel

We will try to organise transport from L’viv airport to the Hotel George and Ivan-Franko for participants arriving in L’viv on June 2. Please let us know the flight number and exact time of your arrival by mail to

We are sorry but we cannot offer pickup service for participants arriving at an earlier or later date. For questions regarding airport taxis or bus transport to the city centre please contact Vasyl Lavnyy An airport taxi to city centre will cost approx. 100 UAH.

General information

Money, change

Meals are included in the conference and excursion fees, as well the accommodation in Chust/Shaian during the excursion. However, you will need money to pay for your accommodation in L’viv and for extras, such as drinks in the evenings, bus or taxi fees or whatever.

The local currency is Hryvna (UAH). You can only get it within the Ukraine. The exchange rate is about 10 UAH to 1 EUR or 8 UAH to 1 USD. Euros, US dollars and Swiss Francs can be changed in banks and exchange offices in L’viv (some of the latter are also open on Sundays), but you may get problems with other currencies.

You can use the Maestro cash card and the most widely accepted credit cards to withdraw amounts of 1000-2000 UAH from cash machines (ATMs).

Rooms in the hotel George can be paid by credit card.


The electric current in Ukraine is 220 V, although there might be voltage fluctuations (or even power interruptions; it might be useful to bring a torch with you). Plugs are the European type with two round pins. You will need an adapter for the 3-poles plugs common in Switzerland as well as for any other type of plugs.

Hygienic conditions

The hygienic conditions in Ukraine do not everywhere meet the Western European standard. Toilets may be simple and during excursion you might have to use pit latrines.

Drinking water: we advise not to drink water from the tap unless you can boil it.

Eating and drinking

Traditional Ukrainian meals are sometimes rather heavy. Ukrainians like to eat lots of bacon (in particular salted and flavored fat) and meat – mainly pork – and they often cook with bacon fat. If you do not eat pork, please send an e-mail to!

Drinking of vodka is part of the social life in Ukraine, and it is tradition to give a toast with each glass of vodka. Toasting is a complex matter and follows certain rules, e.g. in the sequence of toasts given (at least in large company and at the beginning of the evening). Of course, people will accept if you say that you do not drink alcohol.