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Primeval Beech Forests: Reference Systems for the Management and Conservation of Biodiversity, Forest Resources and Ecosystem Services

Start: 02nd June 2013
End: 09th June 2013
Venue: Lviv, Ukraine
Organizer: WSL, Ukrainian National Forestry University, Carpathian Biosphere Reserve
Language: English
Type of event: Conference Workshop
Audience: Researchers, forest managers, managers of protected areas

Beech forests are amongst the most important forest types in Central and Southern Europe, where they cover 6 to 30% of the forest area. Various forest management practices since centuries have altered stand structure, biodiversity and ecosystem goods and services. Today, primeval beech forests are limited to a few regions mainly in Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Concerns about biodiversity loss through forest management and possible changes in the ecosystem’s resilience due to changing climate and extreme events make the study of reference systems such as primeval forests a priority.


Conference aims

The aims of the conference are to:

  • exchange and share state-of-the-art knowledge on the dynamics, diversity and ecological functions of primeval beech forests
  • reflect the current scientific achievements with regard to sustainable forest management and biodiversity conservation
  • discuss them in the perspective of global change and the increasing demand for renewable energy
  • identify additional research needs
  • draft an international and interdisciplinary research program on primeval beech forests

Information for participants