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NFZ Summer School 2012 "FORECE"

Start: 18th June 2012 - 08:30
End: 22nd June 2012 - 17:00
Venue: Forestry Education Center Maienfeld, Graubünden/Grisons
Organizer: WSL / ETH Zurich
Speaker: Experienced and internationally renowned researchers
Language: English
Type of event: Course
Audience: PhD students and advanced MSc students of forest-, environmental-, resource-, and landscape economics

Forest Economics in a Changing Environment      


Forests and forestry are subjected to significant changes reaching from social and economic developments in the short and medium term to climatic changes in the long run. The NFZ - Summer School FORECE deals with the implications of such developments related to: 

  • valuation of forest ecosystem services,
  • decision making under risk and uncertainty,
  • optimization of forest management,
  • and modelling of harvesting operations and market behaviour.


  • Full programme, topics and schedule (PDF, updated June 7, 2012)

Objectives and Format

Participants will get a profound knowledge of pressing forest economic questions as well as state-of-the-art methodological approaches for their solutions: They will (i) understand the theoretical background and practical relevance of valuation methods related to forest ecosystem services, (ii) learn how to take risk and uncertainty into account and develop optimization strategies of forest management decisions, (iii) be acquainted with behavioural economic approaches and supply chain organisation, and recognise their importance for modelling and explaining market results.

The NFZ Summer School comprises two parts:

  • lectures given by internationally renowned experts in forest economics
  • paper or manuscript presentations by students and group discussions with lecturers. Working language is English.

Target Group

PhD students and advanced MSc students of forest-, environmental-, resource-, and landscape economics. 25-30 participants will have the opportunity to present their current research. Admission will be selective and based on the following criteria: motivation, country distribution, gender balance.


Experienced and internationally renowned researchers have confirmed their participation and will be available for group discussions.

Dates and Venue

18–22 June 2012 at the Forestry Education Center Maienfeld, Grisons/Switzerland, including a field trip to the forests in the beautiful surrounding mountains (map).

Registration and Fees

Registratin is closed. The fees of 250 Euros include accommodation, meals, lectures, documentation and field trip. Participants are to arrange travelling and pay for travelling expenses to the venue and back. They are strongly encouraged to apply for grants from third parties.


Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich ETHZ on behalf of NFZ.forestnet.

NFZ.forestnet is a European research and higher education network on forest ecosystems and products. It comprises eight institutions, universities and research centres in Nancy, Freiburg, Zurich and Birmensdorf.




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