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SCCER Supply of Electricity - der Beitrag der WSL

Supply of Electricity

In the frame of the Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research - Supply of Electricity (SCCER-SoE) the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL runs various studies related to morphoclimatic controls on future hydropower production, as well as to the optimization of hydropower production:

  • A main objective of our work in the frame of SCCER-SoE is the future prediction of inflows to hydro power plants at different scales. Therefore stream-flows with forecast horizons ranging from monthly to seasonal time scales will be tested and applied to optimize the hydro-power production and novel post-processing methods and probabilistic derived decision rules based on Ensemble Prediction Systems (EPS) will be developed.
  • SLF/WSL will also provide a snowmelt forecasting system optimized for hydropower planning. We will combine model simulations with ground observations as well as remote sensing data of snow to improve seasonal inflow forecasts to hydropower reservoirs.
  • Modelling studies and measurement campaigns are planned to perform detailed investigations and optimization of energy and water resources and consumption (e.g. technical snow production) in alpine ski resorts.
  • In February 2015, WSL will set up a new sediment transport measurement system in the Albula river (Tiefencastel). It will help quantifying the sediment delivery to the hydropower plant Solis.

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  • Konrad Bogner
  • Jan Magnusson
  • Thomas Grünewald
  • Massimiliano Zappa
  • Dieter Rickenmann
  • Daniel Farinotti
  • Manfred Stähli

Project partners

SCCER Supply of Electricity

Several research institutes of ETH Zürich, EPF Lausanne and Eawag


Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI)