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Mountain Hydrology and Mass Movements

Dr. Manfred Stähli

Geschiebemessanlage Albula Tiefencastel

The Research Unit investigates natural hazard processes in mountainous areas, in particular the triggering and propagation of floods, sediment transport, landslides, debris flows and rock fall. Process studies on the scale of slopes, channels and catchments form the basis for the development of simulation models and of hazard assessment procedures and for the design of countermeasures. To this end worldwide unique observation systems are developed, such as a debris flow balance and geophone systems for bedload transport. Damage and damaging processes due to frequent and extreme events are assessed as prerequisites for the risk-based and sustainable management of natural hazards.

A second focus of the unit is on the estimation and prediction of snow and water resources, e.g. for hydropower production or early recognition of drought. The unit operates a snow hydrological service for federal and cantonal agencies and a drought information platform for a broad range of water users.


7 March, 2016: Successful defense of PhD thesis "Sediment Transport Measurements with Geophone Sensors" by Carlos Wyss

4. Nov. 2015: Seminar in Hydrology at ETH Zürich, GEP-Pavillon (MM C 78.1) -> Program

9. Sept. 2015: New bedload-transport measurement system in the Avançon river (Les Plans-sur-Bex, VD) successfully taken into operation.

Recent publications

19 May 2016: Publication on dams replacing glaciers in the European Alps in Environmental Research Letters.

20 Nov 2015: Publication on carbon discharge by a mountain stream in Geology.

17 Aug 2015: Publication on glacier mass loss in the Tien Shan in Nature Geoscience. (WSL-News)


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