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Duration: 2016 - 2017

High Resolution Flood Risk Assessment for Climate Change Adaptation with a Coupled Modelling Approach (HighFlow-CMA)

Up to now, the major drivers of flood risk (climate, socio-economy, land use including flood management measures) have been rarely studied in a coupled manner. HiFlow-CMA closes this gap by applying the concept of socio-hydrology to flood risk management at the regional scale (Vorarlberg, Austria) in a changing environment (land use, climate). The aim is to assess changes of flood risk including adaptive management measures within a coupled modelling framework. Stakeholder engagement is a core part to meet the objectives of the project and thus contributes to integrative flood risk management under changing environmental and social conditions. The project has two foci:

1 Science

Future flood risk and its management are addressed, considering changes in climate, hydrology, land use, and socio-economy and their interactions. As a tool, a coupled modelling approach is used to simulate future scenarios of climate and land-use by means of expert modelling and stakeholder engagement. The results obtained serve as a basis for quantitative investigations of potential benefits of adaptation measures which will be included in the modelling approach.

2 Science-policy-stakeholder interface

Scientists are commonly confronted with the criticism that they perform research in an ivory tower, while scientists blame practitioners for neglecting scientific knowledge in their management strategies. We will bridge this gap with an innovative approach to build awareness and adaptation capacities targeting the interests of both stakeholders and science.

  • Project duration: 12/2016 – 11/2017
  • Funding agency: Climate and Energy Fund, Austria
  • Collaboration between WSL, AlpS and University of Innsbruck, Austria
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