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Duration: 2016 - 2017

Shiny Server

In recent years, the free software R has become the quasi standard for statistical computing and graphics. At the same time, web-based applications are getting more and more important for data access, presentations and services. The R package „Shiny” ( offers a simple web application framework for R which enables scientists to directly use their R skills and R scripts for interactive web applications (shinyuser-showcase).

In this project we will develop and evaluate three test applications

  1. to facilitate WSL internal workflow with a data portal for access and download of our large amount of climate data (D. Schmatz),
  2. to provide a web application generally accessible from outside WSL with a portal for data access and visualization of indicator values and species traits of the book „Flora indicativa“ (M. Nobis), and
  3. to provide a web application with access control for external clients with an „Info Flora Toolbox“ which allows to detect potentially uncertain species records in the large database of Info Flora, the national data and information center for vascular plants (N. Zimmermann).

If successfully evaluated, Shiny applications will facilitate work processes at WSL and offer an easy-to-use framework for WSL-internal as well as externally accessible web-applications.

Interested WSL scientists are welcome to join our regular "Shiny Coffee" and to test their own shiny applications on one of our virtual test servers. Please contact

Keywords Shiny, R package, Web application, database, Flora indicativa, Info Flora, Climate, Climate model