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Duration: 2008 - 2016

Landscape Monitoring Switzerland

Foto: J. Frick

Switzerland has a very heterogeneous landscape in relation to its small area. The landscape is – however - an important resource for social identity, tourism, recreation and the protection of biodiversity. Sustainable landscape development calls for repeated observations of the landscape elements in order to derive appropriate measures for the Swiss landscape conservation policy. This is the goal of the program «Landscape Monitoring Switzerland» (LABES) of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN). Landscape development is periodically measured with indicators, that are able to assess the physical aspects of landscapes as well as the symbolic contents. WSL has contributed to this program over years and has developed 34 indicators which will be measured in the future. Merging both social and natural science indicators to a holistic view of landscape is innovative and a scientific milestone for both monitoring and landscape research.

Selected themes: land use (forest, agriculture), landscape heterogeneity, light emmissions, perceived landscape structures, scenic beauty of landscapes, accessibility of close-by recreation areas, accessibility of rivers, etc.

Methods: remote sensing, GIS-modeling, questionnaires and surveys

Projekt-Flyer (PDF) (German only)

Tagung: 27. Juni 2013 (PDF) (German only)


Module leader WSL:
Felix Kienast
Project collaborators WSL: Tobias Buser

Jacqueline Frick

Funding: Federal Office for the Environment FOEN
Collaborations: die geographen


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