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Geochronologie I
Geochronologie I

Uni Zürich / Paolo Cherubini: Grundlagen der Dendrochronologie, Datenaufbereitung, Überblick der Anwendungen, Übungen.

Available languages: German

Tree-Ring Ecophysiological Research
Tree-ring research

Uni Zürich / Paolo Cherubini: The role of tree-ring research in ecology: What are the aims and main limitations of the techniques? What are the major findings already achieved? What is the history of the discipline and the present state of the art, and the future challenges and needs of research?

Available languages: English

Advanced Landscape Research
Advanced Landscape Research

ETHZ, M. Bürgi / U. Gimmi / Janine Bolliger / Marcel Hunziker: This course introduces landscapes as socially perceived, spatially and temporally dynamic entities that are shaped by natural and societal factors. Concepts and qualitative and quantitative methods to study landscapes from an ecological, societal and historical perspective are presented. In a term paper students work on a landscape-related topic of their choice.

Available languages: German