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Tea time on mountain summits


05.08.2016 - SLF researchers are not drinking tea for scientific purposes, but burying it in the ground. Within the framework of an international project, scientists are investigating how tea decomposes in mountain soils. Their aim is to improve our understanding of the CO2 cycle. More

Beech forests in the south


07.07.2016 - A recently published study shows how in the southwestern Alps fire-damaged beech forests provide protection against rockfalls. More

Forests and climate change


09.05.2016 - In large uncultivated forests in Bulgaria, the SLF is investigating the potential reaction of mountain woodland to climate change. More

Protective effects of forests

Zerstörte Bäume

Unequal avalanche protection afforded by forests depends on type of avalanche. More

Research Group Mountain Ecosystems

Mountain ecosystems are characterized by harsh environmental conditions. These include often long lasting snow cover, short growing seasons and topographically related disturbances such as avalanches, rockfall or landslides.Mountain ecosystems and inhabiting animal and plant species are generally well adapted to these conditions. However, they may react sensitively to changes of climate, land-use and disturbance regimes. Activities of the group focus on mountain ecosystems above and below the treeline (mountain forest, alpine ecosystems) and represent links between ecosystem research of WSL and snow and avalanche topics of the SLF in Davos.