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The biological drought and growth indicator network

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TreeNet - biological drought and growth indicators from trees

TreeNet is an international monitoring and research network in which automated tree stem radius fluctuations measured with point dendrometers are analyzed in terms of forest ecosystem responses to climate change. A continuous stream of microclimate and tree physiology data provides real-time information on tree water relations and tree growth. 

Imbalances in tree water relations - quantified as tree water deficits - are interpreted as biological drought indicator for entire forest ecosystems.

Current stem growth rates are related to the ones of past years and interpreted as indicator for forest growth. Combinations of indicators are used as early predictors for the expected annual carbon sink of forest ecosystems.

TreeNet produces the basic data needed to extrapolate research results from the eddy flux supersites Seehornwald Davos (LWF/ETHZ/SwissFluxNet) and Lägeren (LWF/ETHZ/SwissFluxNet) for entire landscapes. We closely collaborate with the Long-term Forest Ecosystem Research Programme (LWF/WSL), the ETHZ and the Institute for Applied Plant Biology (IAP).

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Matthias Häni

Keywords TreeNet, carbon balance, Kyoto protocol, tree water relations, drought stress, climate change