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Landscapes are continually changing. These changes occur on a large scale at a slow pace. At WSL we are investigating their causes and the effects they have on humans and the environment. This research provides a sound scientific basis for sustainable landscape development, which aims at (a) protecting landscape quality and (b) fostering the identification of the population with their everyday landscape. The political commitment to energy change increases the importance of the landscape as a resource for energy production and leads to increasing WSL research priorities on this topic.

Landscape Research Center WSL

Zentrum Landschaft In spring 2012 WSL established the Landscape Research Center which has the following aims:
  • Disseminate knowledge to stakeholders working in landscape management
  • Act as a link between researchers at WSL and other scientists
  • Promote research and teaching in Landscape Research


How climate forced the Mongols to leave Hungary in 1242
How climate forced the Mongols to leave Hungary

26.05.2016: Why did the mongolian army suddenly withdraw from Hungary in 1242 CE? The reason might have been bad weather and mud, concludes a new study. The Swiss and US researchers present a new "environmental theory" for this mystery.

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Neues Web-App: Wo sich Schweizerinnen und Schweizer am liebsten erholen
Wo sich die Schweizer am liebsten erholen

24.05.2016: Eine neue Web-Anwendung der Eidg. Forschungsanstalt WSL zeigt die beliebtesten Naherholungsgebiete auf einer Karte an. Nutzer können damit jene Gebiete ausfindig machen, die ihren Ansprüchen am meisten entsprechen.

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Award for ArcGIS software development
Award for ArcGIS software development

19.04.2016: WSL Student Pierre Cothereau's new ArcGIS software tool won the ESRI Young Scholar Award.

Available languages: German English

New publication

Eidg. Forschungsanstalt WSL, 2015:
WSL-Magazin Diagonal. Dem Umweltwandel auf der Spur.

WSL-Mag. Diagonal 2015, 1: 36 S.

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Bauer, N.; Mondini, M.; Bernasconi, A. (eds) 2012:
Landscape and Health: Effects, Potential and Strategies. Landschaft und Gesundheit: Wirkung, Potentiale und Strategien. Abstracts. 2nd International Conference, January 24 and 25, 2012.

Birmensdorf, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL. 112 pp.