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The Landscape Research Center WSL

Zentrum Landschaft WSL

In spring 2012 WSL established the Landscape Research Center. What are the aims of the Center? Who are the partners and the activities?

Landscape Research is important for WSL: We cover all important aspects of modern Landscape Research. WSL researchers are involved in many projects funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation or the European Union and collaborate in numerous projects with the Federal Administration (i.e. FOEN, ARE, FOAG). Cantonal agencies for Spatial Development or Landscape Protection as well as Universities and private companies appreciate our commitment for the landscape.

The Landscape Research Center WSL

  • promotes our competence in landscape research nationally and internationally;
  • promotes teaching in Landscape Research at the Polytechnical Schools and the Universities;
  • is the link between WSL researchers and our partners in the Landscape practice such as governmental agencies, Cantons, cities, NGOs and professional associations;
  • disseminates knowledge via Web;
  • supports the WSL Directorate in strategic issues concerning Landscape Development

The Landscape Research Center WSL is institutional member in the following organizations:





Forum Landschaft

Forum Landschaft

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Outlook: June 2013 – Conference on Landscape Monitoring at WSL