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Seismic avalanche detection
Avalanche detection

SLF is working on detecting avalanches with seismic sensors - as is usally done for earthquakes.

Available languages: German English French Italian

Modeling of avalanche release processes
Modeling of avalanche release processes

Models can help us to better understand the driving parameters of avalanche release. We use two main kinds of models: Continuous models based on the finite element method and discontinuous models based on the discrete element method.

Available languages: English

RAMMS - RApid Mass Movement System

Avalanches, debris flows and rockfalls are everyday occurrences in the mountains. RAMMS is a software package that allows these natural hazard processes to be evaluated and facilitates an assessment of the influences of protective measures.

Available languages: German English French Italian

Avalanche bulletin
Avalanche bulletin

The avalanche bulletin provides information about the avalanche situation in the Swiss Alps, Liechtenstein and the Jura. The SLF has been publishing the bulletin, whose purpose is to prevent avalanche accidents, since 1945. It is intended for local avalanche and safety authorities, and all those who engage in winter activities in the mountains outside secured areas. In the winter, the bulletin appears twice a day in four languages. It is available free of charge at and with the White Risk app.

Available languages: German English French Italian

High resolution radar imaging of snow avalanches
High Resolution Radar

Obtaining a thorough understanding of the dynamics of snow avalanches is crucial for both the design of defensive structures and the drawing of hazard maps. Until now there has been no way of accurately tracking the dynamics of large avalanches at high spatial and temporal resolutions. Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave phased array radar will image the dense layer through the powder cloud at a Vallée de la Sionne test site.

Available languages: German English

Evaluation of avalanche defence measures in Juneau, Alaska
Avalanche defence Juneau

In 2011, the Alaskan capital Juneau commissioned the SLF to re-assess the city's exposure to avalanche danger and propose possible mitigation measures.

Available languages: German English

Quantifying and improving the protective capacity of forests against snow avalanches

Snow avalanche interaction with forests is evaluated in three mountains ranges of the world: the Andes (Chile), the Himalayas (Nepal) and the Alps (Switzerland). We aim at better integrating forest effects in existing avalanche dynamics models for risk analyses, as well as deducing adapted strategies for forest management in different mountain ecosystems.

Available languages: English

Type testing of avalanche barriers and anchor grout
Type testing

SLF specialists and the Expert Commission on Avalanches and Rockfall (EKLS) test new designs for subsidised snow supporting structures. The viability of new design types is examined in the field.

Available languages: German English

Avalanche-related technical assessment of the tricable gondola lift planned for the Grindelwald-Eiger glacier cableway
Grindelwald-Eiger glacier cableway

The planned cableway is to be built in an avalanche prone location below the Eigerwand. For this reason, the SLF was engaged to examine its feasibility from an avalanche-related technical perspective. To avoid the risk of powder snow avalanches striking the new cableway, a certain ground clearance must be observed.

Available languages: German English

Assessment of snow pressure damage to the Turren chair lift in the Lungern–Schönbüel ski resort during winter 2011/12
Snow pressure damage Turren chair lift

In the winter of 2011-2012, a gliding slab of snow weighing around 20,000 tonnes pushed over one of the pylons carrying the Turren chair lift. The SLF was commissioned to examine the damage and seek ways of preventing similar occurrences.

Available languages: German English

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