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Alpine snow and water resources
Alpine resources

The WSL and SLF are engaged in research to measure and pinpoint the country's snow and water resources, and to forecast future variances giving due consideration to the impact of climate change. A conference on this subject for practitioners and researchers took place at the end of November.

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Monitoring - Making environmental change visible

Our environment is under constant observation. Never before have monitoring activities generated such massive data flows as they do nowadays. WSL and SLF alone gather information about the environment in thousands of locations across Switzerland. But what do we need all those data for?

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Snow Chute Experiments
Snow Chute Experiments

Repeatable small scale experiments are an important tool to study the behavior of flowing snow under controlled conditions. Therefore, the SLF operates a large snow chute at the Weissfluhjoch, Davos.

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Drought in Switzerland, the ‘water tower of Europe’

How can we detect drought at an early point? What are the effects of drought on forests and sensitive ecosystems in Switzerland? There is a wide range of research conducted at WSL in view of these questions.

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Hydrological research at Alptal (SZ)
Alptal (SZ)

The Alptal-valley (canton Schwyz) in a subalpine region in central Switzerland has been a hydrological test site of the WSL for several decades. Precipitation, runoff, sediment transport, snow cover development and other hydro-meteorological variables have been measured in three small sub-catchments with different forest coverage.

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Klimawandel: Forschung an der WSL

WSL-Forschende untersuchen den Klimawandel und seine Auswirkungen auf Wald, Schnee und Landschaft. In vielzähligen Projekten stellen sie sich Fragen wie: Wird sich das Risiko von Überschwemmungen erhöhen, gibt es weniger Schnee in niedrigen und mittleren Höhen, verändert sich die Zusammensetzung unserer Wälder?

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