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Nitrogen availability and ground vegetation dynamics. Role of anthropogenic and natural factors?
Nitrogen and ground vegetation

Ground vegetation is a powerful bio-indicator of the environment. The project aims at discriminating the various factors which may influence the dynamics of ground vegetation. Emphasis is being given to the role of nitrogen.

Available languages: English French

Levels of airborne halocarbons in Swiss forests as determined by needle analysis
Airborne halocarbons in Swiss forests

Halocarbon exposure can result in degradation of photosynthetic pigments in trees and affect xenobiotic metabolism in plants. The aim of this project was to determine the levels of trichloroacetate in needles of conifer species in Swiss forests and to compare these with levels in other European forests.

Available languages: English

Nutrient fluxes, nutrient status of the stand and ground vegetation on the LWF sites
Biogeochemical cycling and ground vegetation

The better understanding of the processes driving the dynamics of forest ecosystems requires the documentation of the constantly interacting compartments and fluxes of the biogeochemical cycle. Scientists study two fluxes (deposition of nutrients through precipitation and litterfall) and two compartments (foliage and ground vegetation).

Available languages: German English

Reactions of tree fine roots to soils with high heavy metal contents
Fine roots

Scientists investigate the reactions of fine roots of spruce and poplar to enhanced heavy metal contents in the soil. They measure growth and architecture of newly derived fine roots of these trees and investigate mycorrhizas of birches in order to localise and quantify the heavy metals on a subcellular level.

Available languages: English

Forest management using the group selection system
The group selection system

The effects of selective thinning and group selection cuts on stand growth and stability are studied in this long-term project. The aim is to derive silvicultural recommendations for risk reduction in mountain forests.

Available languages: German English

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