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Forest Ecosystems

Bei Avrona bei Tarasp

A forest is an ecosystem. At WSL we are studying the influence of soil, water, air, climate, plants and animals on the growth and development processes in forests, with a special focus on assessing the effects of changes in climate. Here below-ground processes involving roots, fungi, bacteria and the forest soil play an essential role.

In focus

Drought in Switzerland, the ‘water tower of Europe’

How can we detect drought at an early point? What are the effects of drought on forests and sensitive ecosystems in Switzerland? There is a wide range of research conducted at WSL in view of these questions.

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Are trees in Central Europe defying climate change?

02.09.2013: Over 200 researchers from Europe and around the world will shortly be meeting in Zürich to share the latest findings on the topic "Climate Change: Tree responses in Central European forests". One key question is this: How can we structure forests to enable them to continue to fulfil their many functions?

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A closer look at a primeval forest
Primeval forest

10.07.2013: The results of a comprehensive study of the Uholka-Shyrokyy Luh primeval beech forest in the Ukrainian Carpathians have now been released, three years after the study was conducted: the forest contains an astonishing variety of forest structures, and the number of species of lichens, fungi and insects discovered there is astounding.

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