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People to contact

  • Peter Brang:Forests and Climate Change research programme
  • Massimiliano Zappa: Forecasting drought (in particular low water levels) in small and medium catchment areas of Switzerland.
  • Tobias Jonas: Current snow hydrological situation in Switzerland (current data from snow water measurements compared to long-term averages).
  • Elisabeth Graf-Pannatier: Current state of dryness at the sites of the Long-term Forest Ecosystem Research LWF.
  • Pascale Weber: Site sensitivity and growth potential of tree species in the central plateau.
  • Andi Rigling, Tom Wohlgemuth: Effects of drought on forest growth and tree species.
  • Nik Zimmermann, Heike Lischke: Long-term changes in the forest cover of Switzerland  as a result of climate change.
  • Caroline Heiri: Adaptation of current tree populations to climate change
  • Matthias Arend: Beech and oak trees - the impact of climate change
  • Sylvia Kruse, Irmi Seidl: Social, political and economic implications of drought.
  • Marco Conedera: Forest fires

Research units dealing with drought