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Wohlgemuth, T.; Priewasser, K. (eds) 2013:
ClimTree 2013. International Conference on Climate Change and Tree Responses in Central European Forests. Conference, 1 to 5 September 2013. Abstracts.

Birmensdorf, Switzerland, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape WSL. 136.

Unfortunately, following outreach publications come only in German and French

Wohlgemuth, T.; Brigger, A.; Gerold, P.; Laranjeiro, L.; Moretti, M.; Moser, B.; Rebetez, M.; Schmatz, D.; Schneiter, G.; Sciacca, S.; Sierro, A.; Weibel, P.; Zumbrunnen, T.; Conedera, M., 2010:
Leben mit Waldbrand.

Merkbl. Prax. 46: 16 S.

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Forster, B.; Meier, F., 2010:
Sturm, Witterung und Borkenkäfer. Risikomanagement im Forstschutz.

Merkbl. Prax. 44: 2. Aufl. 8 S.

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Scientific  Publications

Scientific papers on drought can be found in the publication database of WSL.