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Gugerli, F.; Vaupel, A.; Ellenbroek, T.; Nagel, D.; Muller, R.; Luqman, H.; Brodbeck, S.; Bolliger, J., 2017:
Amphibien und autobahnen: eine Trennungsgeschichte? - Autoroutes: Quels véritables effets sur les amphibiens? N+L inside 2/17: 26-30.

Frei, M.; Csencsics, D.; Brodbeck, S.; Schweizer, E.; Bühler, C.; Gugerli, F.; Bolliger, J., 2016:
Combining landscape genetics, radio-tracking and long-term monitoring to derive management implications for Natterjack toads (Epidalea calamita) in agricultural landscapes. J. Nat. Conserv. 32: 22-34.

Lendvay, B.; Höhn, M.; Brodbeck, S.; Mîndrescu, M.; Gugerli, F., 2014:
Genetic structure in Pinus cembra from the Carpathian Mountains inferred from nuclear and chloroplast microsatellites confirms post-glacial range contraction and identifies introduced individuals. Tree Genet. Genomes 10: 1419-1433.

Buehler, D.; Holderegger, R.; Brodbeck, S.; Schnyder, E.; Gugerli, F., 2014:
Validation of outlier loci through replication in independent data sets: a test on Arabis alpina. Ecol. Evol. 4, 22: 4296-4306.

Winkler, M.; Tribsch, A.; Schneeweiss, G.M.; Brodbeck, S.; Gugerli, F.; Holderegger, R.; Schönswetter, P., 2013:
Strong nuclear differentiation contrasts with widespread sharing of plastid DNA haplotypes across taxa in European purple saxifrages (Saxifraga section Porphyrion subsection Oppositifoliae). Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 173: 622-636.

Csencsics, D.; Brodbeck, S.; Zuberbühler, O.; Vonwil, G., 2013:
Der Laubfrosch: Endlich ist er da! Milan 1: 34-35.

Schoebel, C.N.; Brodbeck, S.; Buehler, D.; Cornejo, C.; Gajurel, J.; Hartikainen, H.; Keller, D.; Leys, M.; Rícanová, Å .; Segelbacher, G.; Werth, S.; Csencsics, D., 2013:
Lessons learned from microsatellite development for nonmodel organisms using 454 pyrosequencing. J. Evol. Biol. 26: 600-611.

Brodbeck, S.; Cioldi, F.; Gugerli, F., 2013:
Propagation et reproduction de l'arole: Recherche génétique de traces dans l'arolière. Forêt 66, 1: 15-19.

Peintinger, M.; Arrigo, N.; Brodbeck, S.; Koller, A.; Imsand, M.; Holderegger, R., 2012:
Genetic differentiation of the endemic grass species Deschampsia littoralis at pre-Alpine lakes. Alp. Bot. 122: 87-93.

Brodbeck, S.; Cioldi, F.; Gugerli, F., 2012:
Ausbreitung und Fortpflanzung der Arve: Genetische Spurensuche im Arvenwald. Wald Holz 93, 5: 31-34.

Winkler, M.; Tribsch, A.; Schneeweiss, G.M.; Brodbeck, S.; Gugerli, F.; Holderegger, R.; Abbotts, R.J.; Schönswetter, P., 2012:
Tales of the unexpected: Phylogeography of the arctic-alpine model plant Saxifraga oppositifolia (Saxifragaceae) revisited. Mol. Ecol. 21: 4618-4630.

Keller, D.; Brodbeck, S.; Flöss, I.; Vonwil, G.; Holderegger, R., 2011:
Ausbreitung und Besiedlungsgeschichte der Zierlichen Moosjungfer Leucorrhinia caudalis in der Schweiz (Odonata: Libellulidae). Entomo Helv. 4: 139-152.

Brodbeck, S.; Gugerli, F., 2010:
Sombre sentinelle des chemins - un roi dans les Alpes. Alpes 6: 32-37.

Keller, D.; Brodbeck, S.; Flöss, I.; Vonwil, G.; Holderegger, R., 2010:
Ecological and genetic measurements of dispersal in a threatened dragonfly. Biol. Conserv. 143: 2658-2663.

Brodbeck, S.; Gugerli, F., 2010:
Eine faszinierende Wegbegleiterin: Die Arve - Königin der Alpen. Alpen 6: 32-37.

Csencsics, D.; Brodbeck, S.; Holderegger, R., 2010:
Cost-Effective, Species-Specific Microsatellite Development for the Endangered Dwarf Bulrush (Typha minima) Using Next-Generation Sequencing Technology. J. Hered. 101, 6: 789-793.

Thiel-Egenter, C.; Gugerli, F.; Alvarez, N.; Brodbeck, S.; Cieslak, E.; Colli, L.; Englisch, T.; Gaudeul, M.; Gielly, L.; Korbecka, G.; Negrini, R.; Paun, O.; Pellecchia, M.; Rioux, D.; Ronikier, M.; Schönswetter, P.; Schüpfer, F.; Taberlet, P.; Tribsch, A.; van Loo, M.; Winkler, M.; Holderegger, R.; IntraBioDiv Consortium, , 2009:
Effects of species traits on the genetic diversity of high-mountain plants: a multi-species study across the Alps and the Carpathians. Glob. Ecol. Biogeogr. 18: 78-87.

Wirth, L.R.; Graf, R.; Brodbeck, S.; Reber-Funk, C.; Holderegger, R.; Landergott, U., 2009:
Fully informative microsatellite markers for the tetraploid plant Eritrichium nanum (Boraginaceae). Mol. Ecol. Resour. 9: 312-314.

Thiel-Egenter, C.; Holderegger, R.; Brodbeck, S.; IntraBioDiv Consortium, ; Gugerli, F., 2009:
Concordant genetic breaks, identified by combining clustering and tessellation methods, in two co-distributed alpine plant species. Mol. Ecol. 18: 4495-4507.

Keller, D.; Brodbeck, S.; Holderegger, R., 2009:
Characterization of microsatellite loci in Leucorrhinia caudalis, a rare dragonfly endangered throughout Europe. Conserv. Genet. Resour. 1: 179-181.

Alvarez, N.; Thiel-Egenter, C.; Tribsch, A.; Holderegger, R.; Manel, S.; Schönswetter, P.; Taberlet, P.; Brodbeck, S.; Gaudeul, M.; Gielly, L.; Korbecka, G.; Küpfer, P.; Mansion, G.; Negrini, R.; Paun, O.; Pellecchia, M.; Rioux, D.; Schüpfer, F.; van Loo, M.; Winkler, M.; Gugerli, F.; IntraBioDiv Consortium, , 2009:
History or ecology? Substrate types as a major driver of spatial genetic structure in alpine plants. Ecol. Lett. 12: 632-640.

Holderegger, R.; Herrmann, D.; Poncet, B.; Gugerli, F.; Thuiller, W.; Taberlet, P.; Gielly, L.; Rioux, D.; Thuiller, W.; Brodbeck, S.; Aubert, S.; Manel, S., 2008:
Land ahead: Using genome scans to identify molecular markers of adaptive relevance. Plant Ecol. Divers. 1, 2: 273-283.

Gugerli, F.; Brodbeck, S.; Holderegger, R., 2008:
Insertions-Deletions in a Microsatellite Flanking Region May Be Resolved by Variation in Stuttering Patterns. Plant Mol. Biol. Report. 26: 255-262.

Gugerli, F.; Brodbeck, S.; Holderegger, R., 2008:
Utility of Multilocus Genotypes for Taxon Assignment in Stands of Closely Related European White Oaks from Switzerland. Ann. Bot. 102: 855-863.

Hoebee, S.E.; Arnold, U.; Düggelin, C.; Gugerli, F.; Brodbeck, S.; Rotach, P.; Holderegger, R., 2007:
Mating patterns and contemporary gene flow by pollen in a large continuous and a small isolated population of the scattered forest tree Sorbus torminalis. Heredity 99: 47-55.

Wirth, L.R.; Angelone, S.; Hoebee, S.E.; Arnold, U.; Düggelin, C.; Hilfiker, K.; Brodbeck, S.; Gugerli, F.; Holderegger, R., 2005:
Die Elsbeere (Sorbus torminalis). Fruchtbarkeit trotz Einsamkeit. Wald Holz 86, 2: 33-35.

Gugerli, F.; Brodbeck, S.; Holderegger, R., 2005:
Die unerträgliche Leichtigkeit, eine reine Eiche zu sein. Blattmorphologie und genetischer Fingerabdruck als unterschiedlich einsetzbare Bestimmungshilfen. Forsch.bereich Landsch. 63: 1-5.

Wirth, L.R.; Hoebee, S.E.; Arnold, U.; Düggelin, C.; Brodbeck, S.; Rotach, P.; Gugerli, F.; Holderegger, R., 2005:
Ausbreitung der Elsbeerpollen. Destination unbekannt? Corminaria 23: 3-5.

Holderegger, R.; Angelone, S.; Brodbeck, S.; Csencsics, D.; Gugerli, F.; Hoebee, S.E.; Finkeldey, R., 2005:
Application of genetic markers to the discrimination of pure European Black Poplar (Populus nigra) from American Black Poplar (P. deltoides and Hybrid Poplars (P. x canadensis) in Switzerland. Trees 19: 742-747.

Brunner, I.; Brodbeck, S.; Walthert, L., 2002:
Fine root chemistry, starch concentration, and "vitality" of subalpine conifer forests in relation to soil pH. For. Ecol. Manage. 165: 75-84.

Gugerli, F.; Sperisen, C.; Büchler, U.; Brunner, I.; Brodbeck, S.; Palmer, J.D.; Qiu, Y.-L., 2001:
The Evolutionary Split of Pinaceae from Other Conifers: Evidence from an Intron Loss and a Multigene Phylogeny. Mol. Phylogenet. Evol. 21, 2: 167-175.

Brunner, I.; Brodbeck, S.; Büchler, U.; Sperisen, C., 2001:
Molecular identification of fine roots of trees from the Alps: reliable and fast DNA extraction and PCR-RFLP analyses of plastid DNA. Mol. Ecol. 10: 2079-2087.

Brunner, I.; Brodbeck, S., 2001:
Response of mycorrhizal Norway spruce seedlings to various nitrogen loads and sources.. Environ. Pollut. 114: 223-233.

Brunner, I.; Genenger, M.; Brodbeck, S., 2000:
Effects of Various Nitrogen Loads on the Nitrate Reductase Activity in Roots and Mycorrhizas of Norway Spruce Seedlings. Phyton 40, 4: 43-48.

Genenger, M.; Brodbeck, S.; Zimmermann, S.; Frossard, E.; Brunner, I., 2000:
Nitrate reductase activity of Norway spruce fine roots as affected by nitrogen and wood-ash fertilisation. [Abstract]

Brunner, I.; Brodbeck, S., 1998:
Effects of various amounts and forms of inorganic nitrogen on mycorrhizal Norway spruce seedlings. Abstract für Poster 2nd International Conf. on Mycorrhiza, Upsala, 5.-10.7.98