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Meetings convened

Brisbane, Australia, August 9, 2005: Session 011 "Tree rings as indicators of the impact of environmental changes on forest growth", XXII IUFRO World Congress

Brisbane, Australia, August 12, 2005: Breakfast round table with open discussion on “Forest Research in a Changing World: Why the Decline of Interest in Academia?”

La Bresse, France, September 4-10, 2005: LULUC - Land use, land-use change and forest history - Impacts on the environment

Ekaterinburg, Russia, 5-7 June 2006: International Conference "Climate Changes and their impact on boreal and temperate forests

Beijing, China, June 11-17 2006: The 7th International Conference on Dendrochronology:

In 2001 I organized a conference on the future of dendrochronology:

Tree rings and people

An International Conference on the Future of Dendrochronology

A tribute to Fritz Hans Schweingruber

Davos, Switzerland
September 22-26, 2001