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Dr. Marco Conedera - Personal Homepage

Marco Conedera
head of research unit
Organisational unit
Address Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL
a Ramèl 18
6593 Cadenazzo

Room Ca RA 1 29
Contact Phone: +41 91 821 5231
Fax: +41 91 8215 239
Web / E-Mail

Professional Curriculum vitae

Since 2011
Since 2011 Head WSL Research Unit Community Ecology
2006-2010 Head a.i. WSL Research Unit Ecosystem Boundaries
2007-2009 PhD Universität Fridericiana zu Karlsruhe. 92 S. Implementing fire history and fire ecology in fire risk assessment: the study case of Canton Ticino (southern Switzerland)
1990-2006 Head of the former WSL Branch Station “Sottostazione Sud delle Alpi” in Bellinzona
1988-1990 Coordinator of the Sanasilva program, in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland
1986-1992 Teaching (20%) environmental sciences at the Professional School of the Canton Ticino, Bellinzona
1986-1988 Data base managing for the Forest Growth research Group, WSL Birmensdorf
1985-1986 First Swiss Forest national Inventory and Sanasilva Inventory, field survey, WSL Birmensdorf
1984-1985 Independent forest engineer
1984 Diploma in forest engineering at the ETH Zurich

main scientific interest

  • Forest fires: history and ecology
  • chestnut cultivation: history, ecology and economic perspectives
  • Neophytes
  • Landscape dynamics