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Cornejo, C., 2017:
Eine neue Föhrenkrankheit in Europa. Wald Holz 98, 8: 50-52.

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Cornejo, C.; Scheidegger, C., 2016:
Cyanobacterial gardens: the liverwort Frullania asagrayana acts as a reservoir of lichen photobionts. Environmental Microbiology Reports. 8, 3: 352-357.

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Genomic DNA Extraction and Genotyping of Dictyochloropsis Green Algae Strains. bio-protocol 5, 15: e1545.

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Cornejo, C., 2015:
Auf der DNA-Spur von gefährlichen Schädlingen. g' plus 25: 32-33.

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Development and Characterization of Microsatellite Loci in the Endangered Species Taxus wallichiana (Taxaceae). Appl. Plant Sci. 1, 3: 1200281, 3 p.

Cornejo, C.; Scheidegger, C., 2013:
New morphological aspects of cephalodium formation in the lichen Lobaria pulmonaria (Lecanorales, Ascomycota). Lichenologist 45, 1: 77-87.

Cornejo, C.; Scheidegger, C., 2013:
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Werth, S.; Cornejo, C.; Scheidegger, C., 2010:
A species-specific real-time PCR assay for identification of three lichen-forming fungi, Lobaria pulmonaria, Lobaria immixta and Lobaria macaronesica. Mol. Ecol. Resour. 10: 401-403.

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Barcoding of sterile crustose lichens in Switzerland. Br. Lichen Soc. Bull. 107: 25-26.

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Phylogenetic analysis indicates transitions from vegetative to sexual reproduction in the Lobaria retigera group (Lecanoromycetidae, Ascomycota). Lichenologist 41, 3: 275-284.

Bettin, O.; Cornejo, C.; Edwards, P.J.; Holderegger, R., 2007:
Phylogeography of the high alpine plant Senecio halleri (Asteraceae) in the European Alps: in situ glacial survival with postglacial stepwise dispersal into peripheral areas. Mol. Ecol. 16: 2517-2524.