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2nd International course on

Wood Anatomy in Arctic and Alpine Environments


Address: Gruoberhus - Guaweg 10, 7252 Klosters Dorf, Switzerland

Map how to reach the "Gruoberhus"

If you arrive in Klosters Dorf before 15:30, please go to the Hotel "Kurhaus",

close to the train station. we will pick you up there at 15:30.

the Gruoberhus is closed until 15:30!

By plain: The nearest airport is Zürich airport.

By train: From Zürich airport and/or main station to Klosters Dorf
(you need to change trains at Landquart, make sure that you take the train to Klosters Dorf, not the one to Klosters Platz - ask a conductor for details)

Please also check the train connections at