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Teachers:  Holger Gärtner, Fritz H. Schweingruber & Alan Crivellaro
Location:  Hotel Kurhaus, Klosters, Switzerland
Date:  November 26th to December 2nd, 2017


You will find a lecture room equipped with 20 microscopes for theoretical lessons based on more than 370 micro slides, two microscopes equiped with cameras and computers, cell analysis software "Image J", a fully equipped laboratory with different types of microtomes (GSL1 and WSL-Lab-microtomes), and a set of chemicals.

The lecture room is equipped with a PowerPoint-projector

We also provide a new script for the course, presenting all micro sections discussed during the lessons.

Bring with you, if possible:

- interesting material: cores, discs
- very pointed tweezers (Pinzette)
- microscope slides (Objektträger), cover glasses (Deckgläser) and razor blades.
  (We will also provide some)
- you can bring your own computer