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Ongoing (Main Supervisor):

Siyka Gosheva (2013): SOM control: Controls on soil organic matter in Swiss forest soils: The impact of forest productivity, land-use history, climate and physico-chemical stabilization (SNF-NFP68)

Adele Ferrari (2011-): Cold ecosystems in a warmer world. Tracing radiocarbon in the plant and soil system at different air and soil temperatures (SBF-COST)

Ongoing (Co-supervisor)

Marco Griepentrog (2011-): N deposition effect on soil organic matter of forest soils (SNF)

Main supervisor

Adrian Kammer (2011): Carbon fluxes from decaying beech litter: insights from a 13C-tracer experiment and a new method to analyse stable isotopes in soil CO2 effluxes (SNF)

Kathi Gülland (2012): Carbon dynamics along an initial chronosequence in the forefield of the Damma glacier, Switzerland (DFG-SFB-Transregio 38)

Ottmar Joos (2013) : Impact of summer drought on soil carbon fluxes in Swiss grasslands (SNF)


Melissa A. Dawes (2011): Plant responses to long-term in situ CO2 enrichment and soil warming at treeline in the Swiss Alps (SNF)

David Hiltbrunner (2012): Turnover and stabilization of organic matter in alpine soils: effects of livestock grazing and reforestation (COST-SBF)

Kathrin Streit (2012): Carbon cycling in an alpine treeline ecosystem in a warmer world (COST-SBF)