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Dr. Christoph Marty - Personal Homepage

Christoph Marty
Organisational unit Snow and Permafrost
Permafrost and Snow Climatology
Address WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF
Flüelastrasse 11
7260 Davos Dorf

Room Da C 1 50
Contact Phone: +41 81 4170 168
Fax: +41 81 4170 110
Web / E-Mail

Research Interests

Interaction of climate and weather with the alpine cryosphere (snow, glaciers, permafrost). I'm especially interested in the distribution, variability, changes and trends of the snow cover (Switzerland-Alps-Global). Long-term monitoring strategies, adequate measurement techniques and quality assurance procedures are also an important part of my research.

Professional Activities

Research: Analysis of the past and future changes of snow depth and snow fall in the Alps. Maintenance of the long-term climatological snow measurements in Switzerland.

Consulting: Expert reports on the past and fast future development of the snow pack or the analysis of extreme snow events. Information on climate and weather related data of Switzerland. Expert advice in snow monitoring related questions in the "Expertenkommission für Kryosphärenmessnetze" (EKK)


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