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Susanne Menzel

Past Activities

programme and policy evaluation, i.e. comparison and evaluation of climate change adaptation policies in the Alpine space, science-practice and science-policy interactions, research on trust and social capital, public participation research, multi-scale aspects of environmental projects and policy making, integration of ecosystem-service approaches with public participation

Scientific Interests

public participation in policy making and planning, integrating decision support systems and participatory planning, (economic) valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services, environmental governance, model of humans in economics and psychology, quantitative and qualitative methods of social research

Last Position

02/2012-07/2013 Scientist at WLS, Group Regional Economics and Development

Professional Experiences

07/2011-01/2012 Scientist at EAWAG (Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology); Project management of IWAGO

01/2009-02/2012 Post-doctoral researcher WSL, Unit Economics and Social Sciences

2007-2009 Visiting Scholar University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada (Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability)

05/2006-09/2006 Sabbatical Fellow, National Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS), Santa Barbara, USA

2004 - 2005 Visiting scholar University of York, UK (Environment Department)

Academic Education

2000 - 2004 Doctorate University of Göttingen, Germany (Environmental/Ecological Economics; formally Agricultural Economics)

1995 - 2000 University of Marburg, Germany (MSc Geography; Minors: Conservation Biology and Economics)

1992 - 1995 University of Marburg (BSc Biology)

Grants and scholarships

2005 - 2009 Post-doctoral scholarship Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) (German National Science Foundation) [with interruptions]
2006 Sabbatical Fellow scholarship NCEAS
2000 - 2003 Doctoral scholarship DFG in Graduate student program 'Appreciation and Conservation of Biodiversity' - University of Göttingen
1996-1999 Scholarship by Heinrich Böll Stiftung (German Green Party Foundation)

Selected publications

Menzel, S. 2013. Are emotions to blame? - The impact of non-analytical information processing on decision-making and implications for fostering sustainability Ecological Economics 96, 71-78.

Menzel, S., Pütz, M. 2013: Climate Adaptation Policies and Governance in Alpine Countries. Transnational Synthesis Report of Work Package 4 in the C3-Alps Project. Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research & Federal Office for Spatial Development: Birmensdorf & Bern.

Menzel, S., Buchecker, M. 2013. Does participatory planning foster the transformation towards adaptive socio-ecological systems?. Ecology and Society, 18, 13.

Menzel, S. and Green, T. L. 2013. Sovereign citizens and constrained consumers - why sustainability requires constraints on consumption choice. Environmental Values 22: 59-79.

Menzel, S., E.-M. Nordström, M. Buchecker, A. Marques, H. Saarikoski, Kangas, A. 2012. Decision support systems in forest management - requirements from a participatory planning perspective. European Journal of Forest Research 131: 1367-1379.

Menzel, S., Teng, J. 2010. Ecosystem Services as a Stakeholder-Driven Concept for Conservation Science. Conservation Biology 24: 907-909.

Menzel, S., Wiek, A., 2009. Valuation in morally charged situations: The role of deontological stances and intuition for trade-off making. Ecological Economics 68: 2198-2206.

Menzel, S., Scarpa, R. 2005. Protection Motivation Theory and Contingent Valuation: Perceived Realism, Threat and WTP Estimates for Biodiversity Protection, FEEM Working Paper No. 26.05

Menzel, S. 2005. Financial support for biodiversity protection in developing countries - does the Convention on Biodiversity mechanism lead to an appropriate level of biodiversity protection?, in: Buse, R.; Garrelts, H.; Mañez, M.; Marggraf, R.; Markussen, M. &  Menzel, S. (Eds.): Valuation and Conservation of  Biodiversity – Interdisciplinary View on the Convention on Biological Diversity, Springer, Heidelberg.

Menzel, S. 2004. Economic value of biodiversity conservation – the challenge of its empirical investigation for the assessment of international payments (in German). Berlin:

Menzel, S. 2003. The contribution of the Protection Motivation Theory to an explanation of stated willingness to pay for biodiversity conservation (in German). Umweltpsychologie, 7: 92-112.