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Kevin Morelle - Persönliche Homepage

Organisationseinheit Landschaftsdynamik
Adresse Eidg. Forschungsanstalt WSL
Zürcherstrasse 111
8903 Birmensdorf

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Fax: +41 44 7392 215
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Research interests

Although I have a background in Forest and Nature Management my main interest focuses on movement and spatial ecology. Specifically , I try to integrate habitat and movement models into dynamics context using agent-based platform to understand patterns and drivers of interactions between agents and their environment. I initially investigated in the field of wildlife ecology, but now in the framework of the SiReMo project at the WSL I switch to human mobility, investigating movement patterns during recreational activities.

Professional Curriculum vitae

since 2016 Postdoctoral researcher in the Landscape Dynamics groups of the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL), Switzerland

2011 - 2015 PhD Thesis at the BIOSE department, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, Belgium

2009 - 2010 Research associate on the Federal PONDSCAPE project at the University of Namur, Belgium

2007 - 2008 Research associate in the Forest and Nature Management lab, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, Belgium

2006  MSc in Forest and Nature Management at Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, ULg, Belgium


Morelle K, Bunnefeld N, Oswald SA, Lejeune P (in review) From GPS tracks to fine-scale, behavioural movement strategies: a straightforward approach for identifying multiple spatial behaviours.

Morelle K., Fattebert J., Mengal C. & Lejeune P. (2016). Invading or recolonizing? Patterns and drivers of wild boar population expansion into Belgian agroecosystems. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 222: 267-275.

Morelle K., Podgorski T., Prévot C., Keuling O., Lehaire F., & Lejeune P. (2015). Towards understanding wild boar Sus scrofa movement: a synthetic movement ecology approach. Mammal Review 45 (1): 15-29.

Morelle K. & Lejeune P. (2014). Seasonal variations of wild boar Sus scrofa distribution drivers in agricultural landscapes: a species distribution modelling approach. European Journal of Wildlife Research 61(1): 45-56.

Morelle K., Lehaire F., & Lejeune P. (2014). Is wild boar Sus scrofa heading towards movement ecology? A review of trends and gaps. Wildlife Biology 20(4):196-205.

Morelle K., Lehaire F., & Lejeune P. (2013). Spatio-temporal patterns of wildlife-vehicle collisions in a region with a high-density road network. Nature Conservation 5 : 53-73.

Morelle K., Bouché P., Lehaire F., Leemans V., & Lejeune P. (2012). Game species monitoring using road–based distance sampling in association with thermal imagers: a covariate analysis. Animal Biodiversity and Conservation 35(2): 253-265.

Lehaire F., Ligot G., Morelle K., & Lejeune P. (2014). Les indicateurs de la pression du cerf élaphe sur la végétation du sous-bois en forêts feuillues tempérées : synthèse bibliographique. BASE 18(2) : 262-272.


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