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Gianni Boris Pezzatti - Personal Homepage

Gianni Boris Pezzatti
Organisational unit Community Ecology
Insubric Ecosystems
Address Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL
a Ramèl 18
6593 Cadenazzo

Room Ca RA 1 32
Contact Phone: +41 91 821 5232
Fax: +41 91 8215 239
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Curriculum vitae


Academic education

2012 PhD thesis at the Laboratory of Applied Ecology of the University of Naples Federico II (Dipartimento di Arboricoltura, Botanica e Patologia Vegetale, Facoltà di A:graria): Modeling plant biomass partitioning: responses to environmental conditions and disturbance (Prof. Dr. Stefano Mazzoleni)
1997 Degree in Natural Sciences at the ETHZ (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich), Faculty of Environmental Sciences, specialization in Biology of terrestrial systems.

Professional and research experience

since 1998 Scientific fellow [20-100%]  at the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL in Bellinzona: fire ecology, statistical analysis and data visualization, software development (databases, scientific applications,  desktop/web).
Collaborator [60%] at the private office of environmental consultancy Trifolium, Arogno: agro-ecological projects, landscape concepts, vegetation cartography, butterfly surveys.

Publications (ISI and peer reviewed)

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Müller-Tautges C, Eichler A, Schwikowski M, Pezzatti GB, Conedera M, Hoffmann T. 2016: Historic records of organic compounds from a high Alpine glacier: influences of biomass burning, anthropogenic emissions, and dust transport. Atmos. Chem. Phys. 16:1029–1043

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