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Silva File An operational supporting tool for assessing wet-snow avalanche danger (Mitterer et. al. 2013, ISSW 2013)

1.1 MB
Silva File Automatic classification of manual snow profiles by snow structure (Techel and Pielmeier, NHESS 2014)

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Silva File Avalanche accidents involving people along transportation corridors and the implications for avalanche operations

940 KB
Silva File Avalanche risk in backcountry touring ... (Winkler et al., 2016; ISSW)

464 KB
Silva File Forecasting forest avalanches: a review of winter 2011/12 (Teich et al. 2013, ISSW 2013)

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Silva File Fürchtet den Altschnee

2.3 MB
Silva File Guidelines for forecasting snow avalanches on the Milford Road, New Zealand (Conway et al. 2008, ISSW 2008)

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Silva File Observations of near-surface facet formation, Persistence and related avalanche cycles, August 2008. Milford Road, New Zealand.

2.1 MB
Silva File Patterns of recreational backcountry usage - analyzing data from social media mountaineering networks and avalanche statistics

723 KB
Silva File Performance of the Extended Column Test: ... (Techel et al., 2016, ISSW)

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Silva File Point observations of liquid water content in wet snow – investigating methodical, spatial and temporal aspects (Techel and Pielmeier 2011, The Cryosphere)

1.9 MB
Silva File Recreational avalanche accidents in Switzerland: Trends and patterns with an emphasis on burial, rescue methods and avalanche danger (Techel and Zweifel 2013; ISSW 2013)

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Silva File SnopViz - a visualization tool... (Fierz et al., 2016; ISSW)

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Silva File Snowpack properties of unstable wet snow slopes: observations from the Swiss Alps (Techel and Pielmeier 2010; ISSW 2010)

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Silva File Stabilitätstests im Vergleich (Winkler und Techel 2009; Bergundsteigen)

3.0 MB
Silva File The influence of water on snow: micro-structural measurements and wet snow stability assessment (Techel 2010, MSc thesis, Universität Bern)

8.2 MB
Silva File Users' rating of the Swiss avalanche forecast

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Silva File Variations in individual danger level estimates in the same forecast region (Techel et al., 2016; ISSW)

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Silva File Wet snow avalanche activity in the Swiss Alps – trend analysis for mid-winter season (Pielmeier et al. 2013; ISSW 2013)

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Silva File Wet snow diurnal evolution and stability assessment (Techel and Pielmeier 2009; ISSW 2009)

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