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Current research

Combining tree stable isotope composition with environmental data

  • Intra-tree variation of stable isotopes of carbon (13C) and nitrogen (15N) between tree rings and foliage
  • Effects of environmental parameters (soil moisture, water availability and nitrogen deposition) on tree δ13C & δ15N, growth and water-use efficiency (WUE)
  • The relationship between tree ring δ15N and nitrogen deposition


2011-Present               PhD student at Swiss Federal Research Institute (WSL);

                                     ETH Zurich, Grassland Sciences group


                                     Prof. Dr. Nina Buchmann, ETHZ

                                     Dr. Pascale Weber, WSL

                                     Dr. Peter Waldner, WSL

                                     Dr. Rolf Siegwolf, PSI

2009-2010                   MSc Conservation & Forest Protection

                                     Imperial College London

                                     Thesis title: '‘Altitude sickness’: using altitudinal gradients to

                                     assess the effect of climate change on pests, parasitoids and

                                     trophic interactions associated with Norway spruce (Picea

                                     abies (L.))'

                                     CABI-Europe, Delémont, Switzerland

                  BSc Biology

                                     Imperial College London

Contributions to conferences


Tomlinson, G., Buchmann, N., Siegwolf, R., Waldner, P. & Weber, P. (2012). Combining tree ring and foliar δ15N & δ13C with environmental data to study forest ecosystem changes. TRACE 2012, Potsdam, DE  9-13.5.2012

Tomlinson, G., Buchmann, N., Siegwolf, R., Waldner, P. & Weber, P. (2012). Tree ring and foliar δ15N & δ13C and changing environmental conditions. Jesium 2012, Leipzig, DE  2-7.9.2012