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Dr. Martijn Vandegehuchte - Personal Homepage

Organisational unit Community Ecology
Plant-Animal Interactions
Address Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL
Zürcherstrasse 111
8903 Birmensdorf

Room Bi MG D 36
Contact Phone: +41 44 739 2371
Fax: +41 44 7392 215
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2011-2013: Post-doc at Department of Biology/Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Colorado State University.

2011: Post-doc at Department of Biology, Ghent University.

2010: PhD degree in Sciences, Biology. Ghent University.
Thesis: Environmental and genetic aspects of aboveground-below-ground interactions in the Ammophila arenaria system.

2006: MSc degree in Biology. Ghent University.
Thesis: Effects of flooding dynamics, landscape configuration and habitat quality on the composition and functional characterisation of ground beetle communities of gravel banks along the Common Meuse.

2002: BSc degree in Biology. Ghent University.