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Saladin, B.; Leslie, A.B.; Wüest, R.O.; Litsios, G.; Conti, E.; Salamin, N.; Zimmermann, N.E., 2017:
Fossils matter: improved estimates of divergence times in Pinus reveal older diversification. BMC Evol. Biol. 17: Art. no. 95, 15 p.

Mazel, F.; Wüest, R.O.; Gueguen, M.; Renaud, J.; Ficetola, G.F.; Lavergne, S.; Thuiller, W., 2017:
The geography of ecological niche evolution in mammals. Curr. Biol. 27: 1369-1374.

Wüest, R.O.; Litsios, G.; Forest, F.; Lexer, C.; Linder, H.P.; Salamin, N.; Zimmermann, N.E.; Pearman, P.B., 2016:
Resprouter fraction in Cape Restionaceae assemblages varies with climate and soil type. Funct. Ecol. 30, 9: 1583-1592.

Wüest, R.O.; Antonelli, A.; Zimmermann, N.E.; Linder, H.P., 2015:
Available climate regimes drive niche diversification during range expansion. Am. Nat. 182, 5: 40-652.

Merow, C.; Smith, M.J.; Edwards, T.C.; Guisan, A.; McMahon, S.M.; Normand, S.; Thuiller, W.; Wüest, R.O.; Zimmermann, N.E.; Elith, J., 2014:
What do we gain from simplicity versus complexity in species distribution models? Ecography 37: 1267-1281.

Schiffers, K.; Schurr, F.M.; Travis, J.M.J.; Duputié, A.; Eckhart, V.M.; Lavergne, S.; McInerny, G.; Moore, K.A.; Pearman, P.B.; Thuiller, W.; Wüest, R.O.; Holt, R.D., 2014:
Landscape structure and genetic architecture jointly impact rates of niche evolution. Ecography 37: 1218-1229.

Litsios, G.; Wüest, R.O.; Kostikova, A.; Forest, F.; Lexer, C.; Linder, H.P.; Pearman, P.B.; Zimmermann, N.E.; Salamin, N., 2014:
Effects of a fire response trait on diversification in replicated radiations. Evolution 68, 2: 453-465.

Lexer, C.; Wüest, R.O.; Mangili, S.; Heuertz, M.; Stölting, K.N.; Pearman, P.B.; Forest, F.; Salamin, N.; Zimmermann, N.E.; Bossolini, E., 2014:
Genomics of the divergence continuum in an African plant biodiversity hotspot, I: drivers of population divergence in Restio capensis (Restionaceae). Mol. Ecol. 23: 4373-4386.

Linder, H.P.; Rabosky, D.L.; Antonelli, A.; Wüest, R.O.; Ohlemüller, R., 2014:
Disentangling the influence of climatic and geological changes on species radiations. J. Biogeogr. 1313-1325.

Pearman, P.B.; Lavergne, S.; Roquet, C.; Wüest, R.; Zimmermann, N.E.; Thuiller, W., 2014:
Phylogenetic patterns of climatic, habitat and trophic niches in a European avian assemblage. Glob. Ecol. Biogeogr. 23: 414-424.

Koch, B.; Edwards, P.J.; Blanckenhorn, W.U.; Buholzer, S.; Walter, T.; Wüest, R.O.; Hofer, G., 2013:
Vascular plants as surrogates of butterfly and grasshopper diversity on two Swiss subalpine summer pastures. Biodivers. Conserv. 22: 1451-1465.

De Vos, J.M.; Wüest, R.O.; Conti, E., 2013:
Small and ugly? Phylogenetic analyses of the "selfing syndrome" reveal complex evolutionary fates of monomorphic primrose flowers. Evolution 68, 4: 1042-1057.

Linder, H.P.; Antonelli, A.; Humphreys, A.M.; Pirie, M.D.; Wüest, R.O., 2013:
What determines biogeographical ranges? Historical wanderings and ecological constraints in the danthonioid grasses. J. Biogeogr. 40: 821-834 .

Litsios, G.; Sims, C.A.; Wüest, R.O.; Pearman, P.B.; Zimmermann, N.E.; Salamin, N., 2012:
Mutualism with sea anemones triggered the adaptive radiation of clownfishes. BMC Evol. Biol. 12: 212, 15 p.

Salamin, N.; Wüest, R.O.; Lavergne, S.; Thuiller, W.; Pearman, P.B., 2010:
Assessing rapid evolution in a changing environment. Trends Ecol. Evol. 25, 12: 692-698.