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Directorate and management board

Prof. Dr Konrad Steffen, the institute’s director, assumes overall responsibility for the WSL and is accountable to the ETH Board for the management of the institute. As such, he makes decisions on WSL’s planning, research, teaching and services following discussions with the directorate and the people involved.

Dr Christoph Hegg, the deputy director, is head of the Planning and Logistics division and represents the director in his absence as well as in tasks and responsibilities allocated to him by the director. Together, the director and deputy director form the management board, which is responsible for the operative management of the WSL.

The directorate plots WSL’s strategic direction and helps the director to manage the WSL. The directorate comprises the following members:

The heads of the Strategic and Operational Controlling, HR and Finances, and Communication departments take part in directorate meetings as advisors.

Directorate assistant

The following people help the director and deputy director to perform their tasks:

Research Commission

The Research Commission advises the director on developing research strategies and delivers opinions on research requests and major investments for the directorate.

The Research Commission comprises the following members:

WSL IT Commission

The WSL IT Commission (WIKOM) is a permanent commission that advises the directorate and prepares decisions for transversal (strategic) IT issues.


Laboratory Commission

The Laboratory Commission (Labkom) helps the WSL Directorate to make decisions relating to the operation of the WSL’s own laboratories.


Staff representation

The staff representation team (PV) ensures that employees have a say within the WSL. The team consists of nine people who are elected by employees every two years.