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  • Forum für Wissen 2016 (in German) about the program "Forests and climate change" on November 29th at the Üdiker-Huus in Uitikon, ZH
  • Forum Suisse Romande 2017 (in French) about the program "Forests and climate change" on May 23th at the EPFL in Lausanne

New: Book release in December 2016


Research Programme Forests and Climate Change

Programm Wald und Klimawandel

Why a research programme on forests and climate change?

Climate change and its impact on man and the environment is a central challenge for society in the 21st century. In the field of forestry, three questions are most important:

1. How will climate change affect forests?

2. How will climate change affect forest products and services?

3. What adaptation measures can be implemented to secure forest services?

To answer these questions, the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) and the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL) launched the research programme «Forests and Climate Change» in 2009. The program aims to acquire fundamental, substantiated knowledge enabling the parties involved (forest services, forest managers and owners, policy-makers) to properly assess the adaptability of forests and the risks associated with climate change, and to take effective adaptation measures where required. The research program’s findings provide an important basis for the government’s «Sub-strategy for Forests and Forest Management», as part of the «national climate change adaptation strategy», and should support the political realisation of the objectives set forth in the «Forest Policy 2020».