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WSL has done a lot to keep its environmental impact as low as possible.

  • Wood chip heating: for over 15 years, our location in Birmensdorf is heated mainly CO2-neutral with wood chips
  • Production of solar power: at our sites Davos Dorf and on the Weissfluhjoch we generate year-round about 28'000 kWh eco-friendly solar power. In January 2016, our new solar roof in Birmensdorf went operational. It will generate an additional 50'000 kWh per year
  • Electricity purchases: since 2013, we purchase exclusively renewable electricity of the quality "naturstrom basic 2000". Composition: 95 percent hydropower ("nature-made basic"), 2.5 percent hydro ("nature made star"), 2.5 percent biomass, solar or wind energy ("nature made star")
  • Energetic renovation: our buildings are maintained constantly. After renovations in Davos in recent years the site Birmensdorf is currently brought up to the current insulation standard (Minergie-P Eco)
  • Optimization of operations: equipment and processes are continuously optimized. For example, the recent renovation of the cold cells in Birmensdorf saves about 100 MWh of electricity per year

The current Environmental Report of WSL is located here (PDF, 126 kB, German)

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