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23rd IUFRO Conference for Specialists in Air Pollution and Climate Change Effects on Forest Ecosystems

Air Pollution and Climate Change at Contrasting Altitude and Latitude

7-12 September 2008 in Murten, Switzerland

The focus of the conference is on impacts and interactions of air pollutants and climate change on the tree performance across latitudinal and altitudinal ranges. In particular, the regional specificities of tree and ecosystem responsiveness to anthropogenic stressors such as elevated CO2 and O3 regimes, enhanced nitrogen deposition and scenarios of climate change, as represented through altered seasonal temperature and moisture regimes will be emphasized. The overall aim of the conference is the advancement in risk assessment: which are the consequences for carbon sink strength in respect to the post-Kyoto policies? How are strategies such as the critical levels concept in risk assessment to be defined and evaluated by exposure versus dose-related approaches of stress diagnosis? How realistic are potentials towards process-based, i.e. mechanistic concepts for risk assessment? In respect to the above questions the state of the art will be highlighted. The outcome of the conference will provide a cause-effect related basis for environmental policy making.