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Historische Ausführungen über den Rameren Wald

In various educational lectures, insights from research at WSL are made available to college and university students as well as to professionals. WSL researchers are involved in a wide range of teaching activities. WSL is committed not only to transferring knowledge to professionals but also to providing further education in academia.

Teaching activities and support for postgraduates are considered very important at WSL, as they allow contact with tomorrow’s core capital: motivated and talented new generations of researchers.

WSL further education in 2012

The number of lectures given by WSL employees varies between 3000 and 3500 lessons/year. During the 2012, it remained at a high level, with 3057 lectures given. At the WSL, there are currently five full-time, six adjunct and eight associate professorships.

These figures show how committed WSL is to Swiss universities, as well as to several foreign educational institutions, as the large number of doctoral theses supervised at WSL (134 in 2012) also indicates.

WSL Teaching activities

Development of teaching at universities