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Landscape Genetics

Herbstsemester  (jährlich wiederkehrende Veranstaltung)


R. Holderegger, J. BolligerF. Gugerli


Landscape genetics is a new, rapidly evolving scientific field of both basic and applied interest. Landscape genetics builds on concepts and methods from landscape ecology and population genetics. Researchers and practitioners make increasing use of landscape genetic thinking and methods in their own work. This winter school introduces students to major concepts and methods of landscape genetics, i.e. (i) the study of landscape effects on dispersal and gene flow and (ii) the study of the interactions between the environment and adaptive genetic variation. It specifically focuses on current state-of-the-art methods and hands-on exercises. The winter school is specifically aimed at the needs of advanced students (Master, PhD and postdocs).


(1) Types of landscape ecological data for landscape genetic analysis (GIS).
(2) Types of genetic data for landscape genetic analysis.
(3) Overlay approach to find genetic boundaries (Bayesian clustering, Barrier, krigingfing etc.).
(4) Landscape distance/resistance to study gene flow (isolation by resistance; partial Mantel tests; multiple linear regression with permutation).
(5) Contemporary gene flow (paternity analysis, assignment tests, multiple regression analysis).
(6) Identifying molecular markers of adaptive relevance in a landscape context (i.e. landscape genomics).